Minimum Wage

We started in 1992, we landed a gig at my Dad's restaurant, MatchPoint.  The night before they closed their doors.  And for about 100 of our closest friends, we performed for the first time.  We had a few songs, so if you were there you know we had to do the same songs a few times to make the whole show but what fun!


Here, we're playing on the roof of Fast Eddie's, a drive-through hamburger joint in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  The sign out front caused some confusion, prior to us starting, customers thought the staff were getting raises!


Our next show had us opening for Night Shift, a popular local band we had hired to headline our show and we had an audience of 400!


The very next show was an opening gig for The Tea Party, I think this was January 21, 1994, and we had nearly 2,000 people at that show!


As I recall, our name came from the fact that we were all in dead-end jobs.  I think most of us at the time or shortly before hand were pumping gas or making pizza.


Early on, we had Dylan Kerr playing drums.

The Randy Solski played drums on the tape you see here, and shortly after Jerome Mason and Jeff Melick joined the band at which time we changed our sound somewhat and became Pilate.

One of these days I'll get around to digitizing the cassette so you can hear some of these classic tunes...

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